Empowering Women: Giving Back

We believe in empowering women in a variety of ways, and one way that we do this is by supporting a non-profit organization which works to rescue and rehabilitate female survivors of sex trafficking, exploitation, and extreme abuse. 

5% of our profits go directly to Catalyst Ministries, as we partner with them on their mission of providing new hope for survivors as well as women at-risk of sex trafficking. 

"Human trafficking is one of the gravest human rights abuses in history, and its effects are deeply shattering to the mind, body, and soul. Victims face brutal physical, sexual, and psychological violence every day. 

Rescue is only the beginning of freedom for survivors of human trafficking. We believe survivors deserve the opportunity for restoration.

Catalyst Ministries works to rescue and provide a safe haven for women who have been abused, exploited and enslaved."

- From CatalystMinistries.net


Catalyst Ministries restoring women survivors of sex trafficking


Catalyst works locally in Illinois and Texas to provide a residential community for women in recovery from sex trafficking, exploitation, and extreme abuse. This safe-haven is called Catalyst Farms. An array of Christ-centered support services are provided to foster healing, recovery, and an opportunity to begin a new life.

They also work to raise awareness of sex trafficking by educating and engaging the local community to understand the realities of human trafficking and sexual exploitation and to help strengthen, support, and advocate for the vulnerable.

Learn more at catalystministries.net

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