Our Story

Atalantia Swimwear was founded by Amy Ryan, on a mission to empower women through ultra flattering and luxurious swimwear, allowing them to no longer feel afraid of putting on a swimsuit and embracing the sun with confidence. 
 Atalantia is Inspired by Amazonian warrior goddesses and Atlantian mermaids who rule undersea kingdoms: Fierce women who refuse to be held back or defined by others, women who are unashamed of their own confidence, femininity and power.

Our passion for empowering women to live full, free, joyful lives fuels us, and as a result of this, we give 5% of profits to a US based non profit (Catalyst Ministries) which helps female survivors of sex trafficking and provides safe houses and dedicated care with a holistic approach to healing and a new life of freedom. 

Amy came up with the idea for Atalantia Swimwear when managing a swimwear boutique for another brand in Soho, in New York City; She realized that most of the women who she met did not feel comfortable with the way their body looked in a swimsuit, and that they would rather avoid going to the beach than to face their fears of putting on a swimsuit. After some investigation, she found that the majority of women feel more attractive and confident when wearing a corset or their favorite lingerie versus when wearing a swimsuit. She set her focus on designing swimwear using corset and lingerie techniques that create structure on the body, and an ultra flattering silhouette. The use of flexible boning on the torso of the swimsuits and strategically placed lines and seams creates this ultra flattering optical illusion, allowing women to look and feel amazing, without sacrificing comfort. This is essentially a more flattering and much more comfortable alternative to constricting shapewear swimsuits that use compression to squeeze a woman's body. 

Our swimwear is made in a women-owned factory in Bali, Indonesia. Atalantia Swimwear is 100% women-owned and operated. We use sustainable fabrics in the majority of our swimwear pieces, as well as biodegradable Cassava packaging rather than plastic. 

Consider this your exclusive invitation to experience the difference Atalantia can bring you. No more hiding in the shadows, it’s time to embrace the sun.  

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